About - Bogdan Dodan: Destination Wedding Photographer
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About me

Hi, Bogdan on the keys and I should probably write something pompous about myself.


I will not do this because I like to keep things simple and if someone speaks, those will be my actions and results. But in order not to leave an empty space here, I will tell you briefly how I started the journey in the lands of photography.

It all started in 2009, with the birth of my first child named Patrick, a small lump of almost 1 kg and the length of a spoon, born prematurely at 7 months, now a big man. ­čÖé I soon bought my first semi-professional camera with the intention of capturing memories with the ball, it was a Canon 450d with kit lens. Like any curious beginner to discover, I was always with the device in hand, and people noticed this. I was offered to photograph for a fee the baptism of the girl of some friends, at which point the AHA started in my head as if I could turn this passion into a job. That’s all I needed! I continued to educate myself in the field and look here!


I can tell you that I am fascinated by capturing emotions, I especially love wedding photography and I am a follower of the photojournalistic style. Style that I perfected by participating in the courses of the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, when I lived in Italy. This style recommends me especially for event photography where emotions feel the need to be captured.

Sounds pompous after all, but it’s not! I consider experience more important than a diploma.


My avatar tends to event photography but I would also add outdoor photo shoots, children, baptism, portrait, boudoir. From 2019 I started teaching experiential online photography courses. Namely, if you are a beginner and you want to develop your photography skills, you can do it following my free course or if you want to deepen your photography, I offer you the possibility of 1 to 1 or group courses. (see the courses section)


If you want to know me better, I invite you to follow me on my facebook or instagram page. I also post the pieces of nonsense that I make and interesting materials for beginner photos.


Let me know if you want me as a photographer for your event or if you have curiosities about photography!